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Listening to Live NFL Game Feeds

Every NFL game of the season and postseason can be listened to live and on a variety of devices with either SiriusXM satellite radio, TuneIn or NFL Game Pass. Subscriptions are required for these services and all the features, costs and pros/cons for each option are detailed in this guide. 

ServiceCostFree TrialSupported DevicesApp
SiriusXM$20.99/monthYesSiriusXM at HomeSiriusXM App
TuneIn Premium$9.99/month, $99.99/yearYesListen EverywhereTuneIn Radio App
NFL Game Pass$99.99 one-time paymentYesDevices SupportedNFL app

All NFL games air on local radio and every NFL market has at least one ‘flagship’ radio station that broadcasts live play-by-play audio coverage for the NFL team in their market. 

How Radio Broadcasting Works for NFL Games   

You can listen for free if you live in-market and are close enough to the radio station to pick up the broadcast or you can subscribe to SiriusXM, TuneIn or NFL Game Pass to listen to the audio coverage for every NFL game, regardless of where you live. 

Radio broadcasts for all NFL games are either produced by the local ‘flagship’ radio station, Westwood One, Sports USA Radio Network or Compass Media Networks. Production depends on if the game is played on Sunday afternoons or airs during primetime.

Primetime NFL Games on the Radio

Westwood One is in charge of producing the audio game coverage for all primetime NFL games, including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, Thursday Night Football, international games, all postseason NFL games and the Super Bowl. 

Westwood One has a partnership with at least one radio station in every NFL market to broadcast their primetime NFL coverage live. So you will hear the exact same announcer crew for every primetime NFL game, regardless of the market you live in or streaming service you use. SiriusXM, TuneIn and NFL Game Pass all use Westwood One’s broadcast for primetime games.

Sunday Afternoon (Regional) NFL Games on the Radio

Every NFL market has at least one flagship radio station, an AM or FM station that broadcasts all NFL games for their local city’s team. For Sunday afternoon games (regional games) the station uses their own hometown play-by-play announcers, reporters and analysts. 

In some cases, radio stations outside of an NFL team’s market purchase audio produced by either Compass Media Network or Sports USA Network so they can air live audio from select NFL games that aren’t in their market.  

Compass Media Networks has a partnership with the Dallas Cowboys and Oakland Raiders. They produce radio coverage for all their games and sell that live coverage to many radio station affiliates that are out-of-market. Compass Media also provides coverage for a few other random high profile games throughout the season (all Sunday afternoon games) and again sells that live broadcast to out-of-market radio stations.

Sports USA Radio Network operates the same way as Compass Media, though they don’t have deals with any team in particular. Instead they produce 2 Sunday afternoon games every week, one early and one late time slot game during the regular season, and sells that coverage to any out-of-market radio station willing and able to purchase.

SiriusXM Radio

SiriusXM is a satellite and internet radio subscription service. They have options for streaming radio stations more traditionally in your car and/or on most any internet-connected device, for a monthly fee. 

They offer a main NFL radio station as well as several ‘reserved play-by-play channels’ to listen to each and every NFL game’s live broadcast, regardless of market, with the option to choose either the HOME or AWAY play-by-play coverage.

Cost & Features

SiriusXM offers several plans but the only package that includes NFL games is XM All Access. The service costs $20.99/month. They routinely offer free trial periods for new subscribers lasting 30 to 90 days, and/or heavily discounted rates if you sign up for a year (for your first year). 

Service PlanCostSupported DevicesAppRadios & Accessories
XM All Access$20.99/monthSiriusXM at HomeSiriusXM AppFeatured Radios

XM All Access works both in your car and online, meaning the subscription includes both in-car and out-of-car streaming. 

Supported Devices & Apps

Almost every smart device you can think of is supported in one way or another for SiriusXM - smart TVs, blu-ray and media players, gaming consoles and home and custom audio sound systems. The SiriusXM app is available for every iOS, Android and Amazon device that can access the app store.

The only app store ecosystem that doesn’t support the SiriusXM app is Microsoft, and that is just for their mobile phones and tablets. You can get the app on any Windows OS desktop or laptop as well as on the Xbox. Their app is universally available for any Mac product. 

Satellite Radio in Your Vehicle 

Most vehicles (2004 - current) already have built-in satellite radio compatibility, though be sure and check their site by entering in your vehicle’s year, make and model. If available you will just need to activate the service once subscribed by finding your vehicle’s Radio ID and register on their site. 

If your vehicle doesn’t support satellite radio you can still stream SiriusXM in your car by purchasing one of their radio units and installing it in your vehicle. They offer discounts on radio units and accessories if you purchase a monthly subscription at the same time. 


SiriusXM offers an extremely comprehensive way to listen to the audio of any and every NFL game. You get the option to listen to the HOME or AWAY broadcast or your choosing for Sunday afternoon games. And the service is quite intuitive and packed full of convenience, once you get everything set up. Switching between live audio for a game in your car to your phone and then to your TV or computer is very seamless.

It's a robust radio package that offers not only access to every single NFL game, but to the official audio broadcast of every MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA Tour and NASCAR game or event, as well as countless options for the most popular college sports games and events. 

Not to mention all the other non-sports content including: SiriusXM Video, personalized radio stations via Pandora, ad-free music channels, music artist dedicated channels, 24/7 comedy channels, news, traffic, weather and of course.. Howard Stern.


While the package is robust, you might find the price tag a bit much. Especially if you don’t intend to listen in your car or care about all the channels that aren’t NFL or sports related. Unfortunately they don’t have a cheaper package that includes NFL play-by-play for just online streaming, so you could end up with a whole bunch of radio service you don’t care to have. 

Also the setup of service can be somewhat time consuming, with a learning curve. If you do wish to listen on multiple devices, you will have to setup the app on every single one of them, as well as registering your vehicle radio ID and learning how to use all of the many on demand and sync features.


TuneIn is an audio streaming service that works on most smart devices and even in many newer vehicles. They offer live audio game feeds for every single NFL game, regardless of your market. With this option you’ll be able to stream the local announcer’s game call of your choosing for Sunday afternoon games, and be able to listen to the official audio broadcast for every primetime NFL game. Subscription to the service is required.

Cost & Features

TuneIn offers free access to all of their 120,000 radio stations and podcasts but you’ll need to subscribe to their Premium service to gain access to live NFL play-by-play feeds. 

You can create an account using your email or by using the one-click login with either your Google or Facebook account. From there, you’ll be presented with two options - TuneIn Premium monthly or yearly. Monthly runs $9.99/month and comes with a 7-day free trial while yearly is $99.99/yr and comes with a 30-day free trial.

Amazon Prime members get a heavily discounted rate of $2.99/month but the streaming will only work on Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. Or $3.99/month on the same devices without an Amazon Prime membership.

Service PlanMonthlyFree TrialYearlyFree TrialSupported DevicesApp
TuneIn Premium$9.997 days$99.9930 daysListen EverywhereTuneIn Radio App
TuneIn Live (Prime subscription)$2.997 days$35.887 daysDevices SupportedTuneIn Live
TuneIn Live (w/out Prime)$3.997 days$47.887 daysDevices SupportedTuneIn Live

Supported Devices & Apps

TuneIn radio can streamed on most any smart device you own - any PC or Mac computer or laptop, any Apple, Android or Microsoft phone or tablet, Playstation and Xbox gaming consoles, Samsung and Android smart TVs, any voice assistant device, most home sound systems and streaming boxes. The TuneIn app is even built into the media software for many newer vehicles and also works with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  

Amazon Alexa Devices 

All Amazon Alexa devices support TuneIn Live, the premium version of TuneIn radio, including: Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Show devices. TuneIn Live incorporates voice commands into Alexa products so you can say things like “Alexa, play the Steelers game” or “Alexa, what NFL games are on?”. 


TuneIn is cheaper than SiriusXM (basically half the price) for the exact same access to NFL games; both services give you audio feeds to every NFL game, with the ability to choose the HOME or AWAY play-by-play coverage for every Sunday afternoon game. 

The main difference is SiriusXM offers satellite radio in your car and comes with some exclusive content like video, Howard Stern, etc. But if you’re just looking for audio to every single NFL game without fail, it's hard to beat $9.99/month (or less if you purchase by the year). WIth bluetooth, in-car apps and good old auxillary cables, you can still stream TuneIn over cellular service in your vehicle (though be wary of using without an unlimited mobile data plan). 

TuneIn Premium does come with content beyond NFL play-by-play. You’ll also gain access to 120,000 radio stations, podcasts, live play-by-play of every MLB, NBA and NHL game, as well as commercial-free news from CNN, MSNBC and FOX, along with 130 ad-free music stations and no display ads on your mobile or computer.

Setting up the service is super easy and quick. No real learning curve. And since the app is incorporated with almost every streaming device out there, you can listen however you like. 

And since the service was originally built for computer audio streaming, its very easy to find exactly what games you are looking for, especially on a desktop or laptop computer. The search feature is also useful for using as a way to look up NFL schedules on your favorite teams.  

And lastly, you also get to see all the local radio stations and podcasts for every team by going to that NFL team’s TuneIn page. A feature and convenience that really sets this service apart.


TuneIn is online-only streaming. So that can limit you somewhat compared to satellite streaming. If you are using TuneIn outside of wifi, you need to pay close attention to how much data you are consuming. 

Audio is far less data intensive than video of course. But if you stream non-stop and don’t have an unlimited mobile data plan, you might find yourself maxing out your data cap long before the month ends. There is no such problem with satellite radio.  

While TuneIn offers a lot for the money, some might be willing to pay a bit more monthly for more music channels, comedy channels, Howard Stern, more news channels and all the exclusive audio and video content SiriusXM has to offer. 

NFL Game Pass

NFL Game Pass is more about the video experience than audio/radio. Gaining live access to every single NFL game’s localized audio broadcast is somewhat of an afterthought with this service. But it shouldn’t be, for the value and what you get. 

Cost & Features

NFL Game Pass runs $99.99 per NFL season. Or you can break it down into installments of $29.99 x 4 (paid monthly) but if you cancel your subscription under the installment agreement, your service is immediately terminated. Both options come with a 7-day free trial period.

ServiceOne-time Cost4 InstallmentsFree TrialSupported DevicesApp
NFL Game Pass$99.99/yr$29.99/inst.7-dayDevices SupportedNFL app

This service includes live play-by-play audio for every NFL game, with the option to choose the HOME or AWAY announcer’s coverage for every regional NFL game. You also get access to an enormous library of NFL games on demand - every single game can be watched in its entirety (full broadcast or a 45-minute condensed version) shortly after the game airs live. 

Plus they give you access to archived games stretching back multiple years, so you can rewatch virtually any NFL game in recent history! Said better, you get archives for the video AND audio game feeds. So rewatch or re-listen to any NFL game in recent history.

The service works across most smart devices via the NFL app and comes with an impressive amount of on-demand NFL content like episodes of Hard Knocks, A Football Life, Mic’d Up and more. They also offer a search feature so you can find players, in-game highlights or shows. 

Supported Devices & Apps

NFL Game Pass runs all its video and audio streaming through the NFL app. This app is available on most smart devices, including - Apple and Android phones and tablets, Apple TV, FireTV, AndroidTV, Roku players, Xbox and Playstation consoles. 


Compared to SIriusXM and TuneIn, this service is far more heavy on NFL content. Not only do you get the exact same access to the exact same live play-by-play audio to every NFL game, like the other two options, but you also get on-demand video and audio replays of several seasons worth of NFL games. SiriusXM and TuneIn don’t offer anything close. Best you can do with those services is record audio-only of some games DVR-style.

For NFL diehards, this service could easily be seen as giving you the best value for your buck. You get live NFL audio for every game, and then a whole lot more as pure bonus.


NFL Game Pass isn’t as cheap as TuneIn. Both offer $99.99/yr rates, but keep in mind an NFL season isn’t year round. The NFL regular season lasts approximately 4 months. Add another month for postseason and that’s roughly only 5 months of the year. You’ll retain access to all the archived games year round, so depends on how much you value going back to NFL games.

This service, like TuneIn, is online-only streaming. So if you are away from your home internet or wifi, data consumption can add up quick without an unlimited mobile data plan.

While this service is great for NFL diehards, you will lose out on all the other content that comes with SIriusXM or TuneIn, notably all the other live play-by-play audio feeds for all the other major sports like MLB, NBA and NHL games. Plus all the music, news and local radio the other two options include. 

This option is NFL-only and not necessarily the cheapest. So comes down to how much you value the video and audio archives of NFL games vs the content the other two services provide, while weighing the costs and benefit of satellite streaming (that doesn’t chew into your mobile data plan if not unlimited). 

Westwood One 

Westwood One is an audio network that broadcasts on terrestrial (over-the-air, local) radio. Their live NFL play-by-play coverage, branded as The NFL on Westwood One Sports is completely free, though they only produce audio for primetime NFL games - Sunday, Thursday, Saturday and Monday Night Football games, as well as all international NFL games.

They also only air that audio on local radio stations. So no direct online access, at least not for free. They do allow SiriusXM, TuneIn and NFL Game Pass to broadcast their live play-by-play commentary. But all three services require a subscription.

NFL on Westwood One Sports is hosted and produced in-house by Westwood One and therefore is not the nationally televised audio feed but instead announced by Westwood One commentators:

BroadcastPlay-by-PlayColor Commentary
Monday Night FootballKevin HarlanKurt Warner
Sunday Night FootballKevin KuglerJason Taylor, Mike Mayock
Thursday Night FootballIan EagleTony Boselli

Use this official resource to find the radio station in your area airing The NFL on Westwood One Sports primetime NFL games - Westwood One Sports Station Finder.

Compass Media Network

Compass Media Networks produces live play-by-play audio for select NFL games and sells that broadcast to several radio station affiliates across the nation that can’t carry the game otherwise because it’s out-of-market.

Compass is the exclusive out-of-market radio broadcaster for the Oakland Raiders and the official one for the Dallas Cowboys. They also produce live audio coverage for a few select NFL Sunday afternoon games throughout the regular season. They use their own announcer team that’s unique to the team playing.

Oakland Raiders Info (w/free online streaming option)

For Raiders games, Brent Musburger is known as the ‘Voice of the Oakland Raiders’ and serves as the play-by-play announcer. Lincoln Kennedy provides color commentary for all Raiders games. And Chris Townsend is the sideline reporter. Tim Cates is the in-studio host. 

Since Compass Media has an exclusive partnership with the Oakland Raiders, they make their Raiders broadcasts available online to listen to for free, nationwide. You can stream online or on any mobile web browser. The page includes the full season broadcast schedule for the Raiders.

Dallas Cowboys Announcers & Schedule

For Cowboys games, Kevin Ray is the play-by-play announcer. He is joined by Danny White in the booth for color commentary. And Jerry Recco is the in-studio host. 

The full Compass Media broadcast schedule for Cowboys games is also listed on their site

Sports USA Radio Network

Sports USA Radio Network produces live play-by-play audio for two Sunday afternoon NFL games every week of the regular season, 34 in total. They use their own announcing crew and reporters and sell that live broadcast to several radio station affiliates across the nation (that can’t carry the game otherwise because it’s out-of-market).

Larry Kahn is the founder of Sports USA as serves as the network’s main NFL play-by-play announcer. Beside him in the booth is John Robinson, a former head coach of the LA Rams, bringing the color commentary. And Troy West handles all the sideline reporting for every NFL game they produce.

The network also broadcasts a pregame, postgame and halftime show that is hosted by Ted Sobel. And the NFL insider and analyst for NFL games is Mike Florio

Sports USA NFL Play-By-Play Schedule shows all their upcoming games for the current season. And you can use their Affiliate Map to see which out-of-market radio stations carry their broadcast.